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Vassieux en Vercors

30.06.2007 - 04.07.2007


The coming SunTour 2007 goes again to France but not with such a tremendous alpine scenery as in the last two years. To be more precise we are going into the Vercors area into the village

Vassieux en Vercors
N 44° 53' 42.9", E 05° 22' 13.3"

The Vercors area is part of the Departements Isère und Drôme which again is in the Rhône-Alpes region located on a plateau between Grenoble and Die.

It was in the mid last century when the Vercors area was developed for car traffic through tunnels and roads cut into stone as the outer edges of the Vercors plateau are very cliffy and hence pretty remote.

Just because of the remoteness the french Resistance selected this area as a trainings and shelter location during the second world war. This all came to a climax in July 1944 as just one month before Grenoble was freed by the allies the German Wehrmacht attacked this area and killed many members of the Resistance and civilians especially in Vassieux.

Contrary to the last two SunTours, this tour won't have those high mountain passes above 7000 feet and countless switchbacks but gorges, soft hills and mountain passes well below 4500 feet altitude. This tour wont just be a highlight because of that and merely driving through it but its scenery and breath taking tunnels, streets and gorges and the stunning views into the valleys are absolute worth going there.

This tour isn't just ment for the slowies among us but the secret racers will find its challenge too.
Just a hint:
Maybe one or the other can recall the circle of Chamrousse back in 2005 . :-))
But lets see and wait.

Vassieux Ort Combe Laval

Offrad Special

The biggest French national park is located right in the Vercors area with a size of 170 km2 which makes it impossible to offer any offroad tours this time. Please pay attention to this and respect this reservoir of nature. However ambitious drivers will always find official roads that are damaged and hence require the suspension of a offroad or even dirt bike.


Never change the proven procedure and hence we will start again with our tour on the first weekend in July 2007.

The journey to the hotel will be on Saturday June 30st. Three tours are planed as usual which sets the departure to Wednesday 4th of July 2007.


In case you are still undecided and need to convince yourself, have a look on what we saw during our preparation tour.


tetraslyre1 This years hotel will be "Auberge du Tetras Lyre" located in mid Vassieux. Right now 24 rooms are reserved for us but depending on demand we might get some additional rooms. Thus please don't linger and register right now. It's worth it. tetraslyre2
tetraslyre3 The rooms are nicely and fresh renovated and offer shower, toilet and TV. tetraslyre4
tetraslyre5 No parking slot is available for our bikes but we can use the sidewalk on both sides of the street without any hesitation. tetraslyre6


  • *** Please take your last years maps with you as we can reuse them.
  • We prepare a road book for all three tours. So no maps are needed. In case you haven't got a tank rucksack you may take a plastic cover and fix it with adhesive tape onto your fuel tank.
  • Yellow lines alongside the pavement means that parking is prohibited.
  • Fines, especially because of speeding are usually higher as they are in Germany.
  • Drunk driving is particular expensive and may easily exceed your travel budget. So please take care. The legal alcohol level is 0.5 !.
  • Speed limits are as follows: City 50km/h, otherwise 90 km/h, expressway 110km/h, motorway 130 km/h. The listed speed limits will be declined by 10 and 20 on motorways in case it is raining or wet.
  • European plugs will fit french power outlets. UK guys need an adapter!

Telephone numbers

Please note the following numbers in case of an emergency:

  • Hotel Tetras Lyre +33 4 75 48 28 04
  • Cell Werner Kiefhaber: +49 175 29 26 140
  • Cell Uli Klar: +41 79 400 6002
  • Emergency Police Call in France: 17
  • Emergency Medical Call in France: 15

Prices and Registration

the prices are per person, half board

for registration and payment until 31.03.2007

double room single room
Saturday - Wednesday (4 Nights) EUR 250,- EUR 300,-
Saturday - Tuesday (3 Nights) EUR 200,- EUR 250,-

Note: We have to pay a deposit and estimate a number of participants to the hotel already in January.
Therefore we made this early booking discount and appreciate your early registration. Thank You!

for registration and payment past 31.03.2007

double room single room
Saturday - Wednesday (4 Nights) EUR 260,- EUR 310,-
Saturday - Tuesday (3 Nights) EUR 210,- EUR 260,-

The registration will close on Sunday 29th of April 2007.

Please transfer the money not later than Saturday 29th of April 2007. The details about the bank and account numbers will be mailed to you after a successful registration. We can't guaranty or even reserve a room for those being late transferring the money to our accounts.

Registration ?? Here we go

(Will work internally only. Those who haven't access need to call Werner or Uli !).


You will find those registered for the SunTour here.